Carmel Bach Festival 2019: Young Artists’ Showcase

Young Artists’ Showcase Performers

On Saturday Afternoon in Sunset Center the Carmel Bach Festival presented its annual Young Artists’ Showcase Concert, which, as the name would imply, is designed to showcase talented young musicians from four counties on the Central Coast. Participating in this concert were nine string players, five pianists, three vocalists, and a woodwind octet selected from a larger group of applicants, who had auditioned in May. These auditions were judged by CMMB Artistic Director Erica Horn and YMM Music Director Farkhad Khudyev. The Young Artists’ Showcase is managed and administered by Barbara Priest, the instrumental Music Director at Pacific Grove Middle School.  

We heard a substantial variety of individual musicians (accompanied and unaccompanied) and ensembles that provided a convincing reassurance that classical music in our neck of the woods is in good hands. At the end of the concert, there was a moving statement by Carmel Bach Festival Artistic Director Paul Goodwin about how difficult it was to make the concert brief because of the abundant wealth of talent in our four counties. The high caliber of musicianship and mastery showcased in this concert is a testament to the excellent music teachers represented—Farkhad Khudyev, Lyn Bronson, Aleksey Klyushnik, Lucy Faridany, David and Margie Dally, Alice Hughes, Erin Irvine, Barbara Ruzicka, and Rochelle Walton. It is the excellence of these teachers and their fine students that helps guarantee that the Monterey Peninsula will be training the musicians of tomorrow for years to come.


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