Ensemble Monterey Presents: Schubert

Franz Schubert

On Saturday, March 9th, at St. Philip’s Lutheran Church in Carmel, we were privileged to hear a unique program offered by Ensemble Monterey under the direction of Dr. John Anderson. The program, titled Schubert, was comprised of works by Carl Nielsen, Richard Strauss, and Franz Schubert. Dr. Anderson led the group of highly talented and dedicated musicians through a progression of works culminating in one of Schubert’s masterpieces, the Octet in F Major. The musicians who made this successful evening possible were Erica Horn (clarinet), Gail Selburn (bassoon), Scott Hartman and Jeff Fowler (horn), David Dally (violin and concertmaster), Shannon D’Antonio (violin), Susan Brown (viola), Margie Dally (cello), and Kelly Beecher (bass).

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Paderewski Festival 2018 – Cultural Exchange Students Showcased in Recital

Piotr Lara, Luke Kim, Antón de la Fuente and Małgorzata Machowska

The closing event of the Paso Robles 2018 Paderewski Festival took place this year at the Halter Ranch and Vineyard, a fairly long, but very beautiful 11-mile drive from downtown Paso Robles. We were hearing the six Cultural Exchange Students (Bohdan Terłetskyy and Małgorzata Machowska are missing from the above photo because my wide-angle lens wasn’t wide enough) perform for us on the beautiful “Tiffany” Steinway B that has played such an important role in events during the Festival this year. Read full story

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Carmel Bach Festival Family Concert – July 22

The fourth of the continuing series of stories involving the young boy Leonard and his stuffed horse Rasmus came to life Saturday morning at 11:00 at Sunset Center in Carmel. Understanding that Rasmus is pure magic appeals to the youngsters in the audience as well as the adults. This marvelous creation comes from Suzanne Mudge, Tower Music Director and since 2015, Director of Community Engagement at the Carmel Bach Festival. Other adventures have gone round the world to nine countries, underwater, and solving a Carmel mystery celebrating 100 years of the town. Of course, each story line is not only delightfully entertaining, but has accompanying music provided by festival instrumentalists. The “boy” is none other than Paul Goodwin enchanting the audience with his sense of playfulness and shocking orange hair. Read full story

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Carmel High School — “Around the World in 60 Minutes”

Vapa Finale 1-21-16

Brian Handley conducting the finale

VAPA (Visual & Performing Arts) was in the spotlight last night at Carmel High School as a capacity audience had an opportunity to see what their kids have been up to on campus when not cracking the books or engaging in gladitorial combat on the playing fields. This was an evening to honor students’ artistic creativity, and I mean creativity in just about every medium and genre you could imagine. It involved song, dance, poetry, drama, animation, photography, art, costumes, masks and some tongue-cheek-clowning

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Monarch Youth Chorus at St. Timothy’s in Monterey

Michelle Boulware - 12-2-14_edited-1

Michelle Boulware

Nothing starts off the December music season as well as hearing a group of young singers put their all into a performance. Monarch Youth Chorus, under the direction of Michelle Boulware with an assist from pianist Heidi Toy, performed their second festive holiday kick off program December 1 at St. Timothy’s Church in Monterey. This group was founded in September 2014 to give local 2nd through 12th graders a place for learning choral music that is missing in most schools. While still a small group, they are nonetheless hard workers featuring mostly returning students with happy faces and good voices. This program is divided between Prelude – for second through fifth graders – and Encore for sixth through twelfth graders. Music groups are the ultimate “team sport.” Where else is everyone on the same beat of the same measure at the same time? So many skills are taught through music and especially singing groups.

Prelude members, eight students strong, opened the program with “Christmas Toys on Parade” by Mark Weston. Nicely held unison with delightful memories of “Toy Parade” from many years past. Another golden oldie of the season, “The Chipmunk Song,” featured soloists Dakota Boulware and Isabella Hollcraft. This version by these kids definitely more than held their own against the original chipmunks. Mary Goetze’s arrangement of “Dormi Dormi,” a gentle Italian carol well suited this group. Change of mood followed with the ever popular “Rockin’ Round The Christmas Tree.” Closing out this first half was the Alan Billingsley arrangement of “When Christmas Comes to Town” from the film “Polar Express.” Again Isabella partnered with Katie Armstrong for a duet, and Dakota partnered with Lily Berrysmith to confident effect within the group. While songs are mainly unison, achieving a good blended vocal unison takes concentration and practice. Listening skills are certainly reinforced by knowing how your voice fits in with the group. Ms. Boulware continues to exhibit her knack for choosing repertoire that is age appropriate and musically challenging as well as entertaining.
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