Carmel Music Society presents Philharmonia Baroque

Philharmonia Baroque 2-15-15

The Philharmonia Baroque Chamber Players returned to Sunset Center in Carmel on Sunday afternoon to charm us with a variety of selections, all the more novel, because the program contained three major works that we were not hearing in their usual versions, but in interesting transcriptions. The beautiful Harpsichord on Sunset Center’s stage was a generous loan from Jerry & Christine Baker.

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Mensa Sonora California in Concert — Bach’s Inspirations

Mensa Sonora 1-25-15

David Wilson, Charles Sherman, John Dornenburg & Anthony Martin

On a lovely Sunday afternoon, a small invited audience of approximately thirty people had a unique opportunity to hear an intimate concert by “Mensa Sonora California,” a baroque ensemble consisting of period violins played by Anthony Martin and David Wilson, John Dornenburg playing viola da gamba and Charles Sherman playing harpsichord. Mensa Sonora California has dedicated itself to performing works by composers who were important in their own time and influenced Johann Sebastian Bach, but whose works have lapsed into relative obscurity and are largely unknown to today’s audiences.

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“Bach’s Brunch” — Lunchtime concert in the Sunset Center Foyer

Blank screen

Yuko Tanaka & Robin Carlson Peery

(Peninsula Reviews photo prohibited by Carmel Bach Festival)

Today we heard “Bach’s Brunch – Week One” as Robin Carlson Peery and Yuko Tanaka performed an early afternoon program of works for flute and harpsichord in the Sunset Center Foyer. This intimate setting, with surprisingly good acoustics and excellent sightlines, has the audience seated in chairs on the floor of the foyer with the harpsichord nicely elevated by being placed on the stairs leading to the theater.

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Musica Pacifica & Friends — A Standing Ovation!

Musica Pacifica 3-2-14 edited-1_edited-1

On Sunday afternoon, March 2, a good-sized Carmel Music Society audience enjoyed an excellent concert by the baroque ensemble Musica Pacifica. The acclaimed long-standing group was joined by musical friends to present “A Family Affair: The Father, Sons, & the Godfather” featuring music by Johann Sebastian Bach, his sons Johann Christian, Carl Philip Emmanuel and Johann Christoph Friedrich, and the godfather to his sons, Georg Philip Telemann. The program consisting mostly of concertos featured a wonderful range of soloists sharing the spotlight and showcasing a range of beautiful historical instruments, which many members of the audience had an opportunity to examine at close range during intermission by approaching the stage.

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Bach’s Brunch – Yuko Tanaka performs Bach & Couperin

Tanaka 7-16-13During Johann Sebastian Bach’s youth, French music was very popular in Germany. He studied and mastered the French styles of keyboard playing through the compositions of, among others, Jean Henry D’Anglebert, Louis Marchand, and François Couperin. It is known that Bach corresponded with Couperin although no correspondence has survived. Ms. Tanaka explained in program notes that she selected this program to offer the audience an interesting variety of keyboard works written around 1722.

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