Carmel High School — “Around the World in 60 Minutes”

Vapa Finale 1-21-16

Brian Handley conducting the finale

VAPA (Visual & Performing Arts) was in the spotlight last night at Carmel High School as a capacity audience had an opportunity to see what their kids have been up to on campus when not cracking the books or engaging in gladitorial combat on the playing fields. This was an evening to honor students’ artistic creativity, and I mean creativity in just about every medium and genre you could imagine. It involved song, dance, poetry, drama, animation, photography, art, costumes, masks and some tongue-cheek-clowning

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PacRep’s “Cats” at the Golden Bough


 Kitty Bloch

On a glorious Sunday afternoon the Golden Bough Theatre was packed to the rafters with children of all ages and their families to see the PacRep production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats,” which will continue to run through December 20. As we were being seated the stage was darkened, but pairs of mysterious cats’ eyes blinked on and off at the rear of the stage. This was a preview of the ingenious lighting effects by Derek Duarte that added immensely to the effectiveness of the efforts of Director Joe Niesen and Set Designer Patrick McEvoy. Once upon a time, many generations ago, stage sets used to be static and hang around so long you became impatient waiting for the next change of scenery. Now, through fast stage direction and constant lighting changes, it is action, action, and always more action.

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“Sweet Charity” at MPC

Sweeet Charity_edited-1

Jill Miller (photo by Gary Bolen)

MPC’s Theatre Department is now presenting “Sweet Charity” through July 19. It is a high voltage production with a huge cast dominated by Jill Miller in the title role — she is virtually on stage for the whole production — and with a supporting cast of many talented singers and dancers, plus an orchestra of eight musicians in the pit under the direction of Stephen Tosh, who is one of those jack-of-all-trades able to compose, arrange, direct, conduct or do anything musical.

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Carmel High School Showcases Dancers & Choreographers

CHS Dance 5-14-15 - Cast

Kristine Tarozzi & Dancers

Those of us who are senior citizens and do not have teenage children (or grandchildren) might have rather a hazy idea of what kids are up to in high school these days. Perhaps we imagine them in our minds intently absorbing information in classrooms or engaged in gladiatorial combat on the playing fields.

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Carmel Bach Festival — Music of Dance

In promoting concerts music presenters have learned some tricks from the commercial world of merchandising. For example if you go shopping for a new car, the beefier SUV models often have seductive names like “Tahoe” and “Tundra” and there is one family car on the market that has the sobriquet, “Sonata.” Borrowing from the world of merchandising, the Carmel Bach Festival has assigned to its main evening concerts theme names such as “The Power of Music, Old and New,” “Cathedral of Angels,” “Baroque to Bluegrass,” and “Music of Dance.”

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