MPC String Ensemble & MPC Chorus

Cyril Deaconoff РMPC Chorus Music Director 

A capacity audience turned out last night at the MPC Theatre to hear a double header — David Dally directing the MPC String Ensemble and Cyril Deaconoff directing the MPC Chorus. David Dally I have known and admired for over three decades, but this was my first opportunity to observe the artistry of Cyril Deaconoff, who has succeeded Dr. Sal Ferrantelli both as Director of the MPC Chorus and also I Cantori di Carmel. Read full story

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Carmel Music Society — Daniel Hope & Friends: “Air — A Baroque Journey”

Every once in a while we encounter a group of musicians who present a concert so polished and so masterful that it grabs us by the throat and holds us spellbound for the better part of two hours. Just such a concert we heard yesterday afternoon at Carmel’s Sunset Center as violinists Daniel Hope and Simon Papanas, cellist Nicola Mosca, lutist Emanuele Forni, harpsichordist Naoki Kitaya, and percussionist Michael Metzler, put together a rich “Baroque Journey” that was as entertaining as it was profound. Read full story

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[email protected] — Ich bin Berliner

The city of Berlin provided the cultural venue for the indubitably successful concert from [email protected], Saturday, July 28, at the Center for Performing Arts at Menlo-Atherton. Music by Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Mendelssohn elicited a series of dazzling ensembles in seamless harmony, since each of the representative composers had found in Berlin receptive sponsors who fostered their artistic growth or challenged their native ingenuity. Read full story

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Carmel Bach Festival 2018 – Virginia Best Adams Vocal Master Class

David Gordon, Master Class Director

This year’s sessions of the Adams Master Class are being led by Master Class Director David Gordon, Festival Associate Conductor Andrew Megill and Festival Vocalists Mhairi Lawdon, Meg Bragle and David Newman. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the last of the sessions on Thursday, July 26, at Carmel Presbyterian Church in Carmel. The culmination of these sessions will be the Virginia Best Adams Masterclass Showcase Concert at 1:30 pm on Saturday afternoon, July 28, also at Carmel Presbyterian.

All too often master classes involve distinguished performers lording it over young students, who become victims of the master class teacher’s vanity and ego. Nothing could be further from the truth during the Adams master classes. The participants we heard today are young professionals already successful in their careers, and the Adams Master Classes represent advanced coaching from a seasoned professional to younger colleagues. The interaction between David Gordon and the young young singers was always warm, courteous, respectful and gently inspiring.

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Carmel Bach Festival 2018 – Bach and the Harpsichord

Harpsichordist Dongsok Shin

For the past five years fans attending the Carmel Bach Festival might have noticed that the festival seemed not to acknowledge that Johann Sebastian Bach, the festival’s namesake, was the greatest keyboard player and keyboard composer of the 18th century. A glaring omission in recent Festivals was the solo harpsichord recital. Since there was no solo harpsichord recital, representative works including The Well-Tempered Clavier, the Partitas, the Toccatas, the Suites, the Goldberg Variations, the Concerto in the Italian Style, and many other important works were much missed.

Yesterday afternoon the CBF took a significant step to rectify this omission by presenting an intimate harpsichord recital for a small elite audience in the foyer of Sunset Center — this concert will be repeated next week in this same venue. For this concert to have taken place¬†we have to be grateful to Jerry & Christine Baker, whose support helped make this event possible. Chris Baker herself is a serious keyboard player and has a personal collection of two museum-quality, Flemish-style harpsichords, plus her newest keyboard acquisition, a replica of an 18th-century Lautenwerck, a lute harpsichord with gut rather than steel strings. Read full story

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