CBF Chamber Concert – Bach Cantatas


  Gonzalo X. Ruiz, Marika Holmqvist, Margaret Jordan-Gay, Patricia Ahern, Karina Schmitz, Dongsok Shin

On Monday July 24, 2017 2:30 pm, at All Saints Church in Carmel, we heard the Carmel Bach Festival Chamber Concert, “Bach Cantatas.” This beautifully programmed concert opened with J.S. Bach’s entire sacred cantata BWV 199, Mein Herze schwimmt in Blut, scored for soprano solo, strings, continuo, and oboe, while the second part of the program consisted of tenor solo arias, and tenor and soprano duet selections from Cantatas 5, 110, 85, 43, and 145. Soprano Mhairi Lawson and tenor Tomas Cooley, formidable soloists in their own right, were a matched duet pair, happy and comfortable together, their duet sound was smiling and sparkling. The instrumental ensemble was in top form: Gonzalo X. Ruiz, oboe; Patricia Ahern, Marika Holmqvist, violin; Karina Schmitz, viola; Margaret Jordan-Gay, cello; Dongsok Shin, harpsichord. Read full story

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CBF Chamber Concert: “Le Mozart Noir” in Paris

Portrait c. 1787 of composer Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges (1745-1799), dubbed “Le Mozart Noir”

On July 21 the Carmel Bach Festival Chamber Concert, Mozart in Paris at 2:30 pm at All Saints Church, introduced many of us to an intriguing classical composer about whom we had never heard, known as Le Mozart Noir. From the program notes written by Allan Whear, found on page 170 of the 2017 CBF program book, “Saint-Georges is without a doubt one of the most fascinating characters in music history, worthy of a romantic novel or Hollywood screenplay. Born on the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe, he was the son of a Senegalese slave [Nanon], and a French plantation owner. His father, *George Bologne de Saint-Georges, became wealthy raising sugar cane in the New World, and returned to Paris [with his son and Nanon] to become a minor aristocrat.” Saint-Georges was brought up as a gentleman in Paris and received musical training in violin and composition.As a young man, he led orchestras, published a body of instrumental and vocal works, and premiered his own compositions while becoming quite well-known in musical and aristocratic circles. “He also excelled at fencing, becoming known as the finest swordsman in France.” The most famous image of Saint-Georges is a dashing portrait of the composer portrayed with a sword, painted in 1787 by Mather Brown. Read full story

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Carmel Bach Festival – Community Concert at St Francis Xavier Church in Seaside

The Carmel Bach Festival may be over, however, one consolation is now that the withdrawal symptoms are starting to subside from there being no more of these glorious concerts to attend or visiting musicians to schmooze with and admire, there is still the opportunity to plan for next year, and part of that planning should include attending the Community Concert in Seaside with a friend or acquaintance who may have never been to a classical concert. Read full story

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CBF – Foyer Concert: Ancient Airs for Lute

Daniel Swenberg shows off lute to curious on-lookers

“The Ancient Airs for Lute” Foyer Concert on July 20 at Sunset Center was sold-out, which gives one a dim hope for returning to a three-week Festival again. Daniel Swenberg started off the program and sat at the base of the foyer stairs, just in front of Sunset Center’s distinctive peaked arches, framing his person and instrument. After the first and second pieces, he addressed the audience and pointed out that this particular program, in its entirety, would not have been heard all at one time, nor would it have been done on only one instrument; performers would have used, perhaps, four different instruments in the lute family. However, due to flight and cost restrictions, Mr. Swenberg only brought to the Festival his theorbo (for which he bought a seat on the plane), and his ten-string lute. Read full story

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Carmel Bach Festival Chamber Concert: Birth of the Italian Baroque

Dongsok Shin, Estelí Gomez, Daniel Swenberg, Molly Quin,

Dominic Teresi, Adriane Post, Johanna Novom

The “­Birth of the Italian Baroque” Chamber Concert on Wednesday, July 19, at All Saints Church in Carmel, was an ingenious programming of six Monteverdi vocal pieces interspersed with six Italian early baroque instrumental pieces by other composers. From start to finish, this was a first-rate program. There was something about this concert, above and beyond, that hit all the benchmarks of cohesive musical programming and execution. Read full story

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