Santa Cruz Symphony — Embracing the Dance


The fortunate audience at the Sunday, November 19, concert at Mello Center witnessed a performance that will be etched in the back of their craniums forever. The highly anticipated Beethoven Symphony No. 7 in A Major Op. 92 (1812) under the direction of Santa Cruz Symphony Music Director Danny Stewart raised the bar for this work by what appeared to be an insurmountable measure. The orchestra performed brilliantly! Read full story

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Aria Women’s Chorus Presents “Missa Femina”

Sean Boulware

Aria Women’ Chorus presented the program “Missa Femina “on at 3:30 pm on November 12 at First Presbyterian Church, Monterey. Two major works, one newly composed in 2012, and one, Gabriel Fauré’s “Requiem” newly arranged for women’s voices, provided the audience with many beautiful and uplifting choral moments. Terre Johnson’s 2012 work “Missa Femina” filled the first half. This work follows the traditional order of the Catholic Latin mass form using five movements. Because this was written as a women’s mass, references to “father” were changed to feminine or “mother.” Read full story

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YMMC – Violin Prodigy Nicholas Brady Performs Kabalevsky Concerto

On a sunny Sunday afternoon it was a capacity audience that turned out for the first concert of the 2017-2018 Youth Music Monterey County season at Sunset Center. The parking lot was full and the lobby was jammed with people waiting to be let in to the theater.

The concert began with Conductor Farkhad Khudyev leading the YMMC Junior Youth Orchestra in a performance of brief works by three composers active in the former Soviet Union – Lev Knipper, Dimitry Kabalevksy and Aram Khachaturian. Perhaps you have never of Lev Knipper, but I can assure you that if you heard the melody of Knipper’s “Meadowlands,” you would recognize it immediately. It has a very striking beginning with percussion effects imitating the sound of clopping hooves of horses approaching from the distance and fading into the “Meadowlands” theme. After it reaches its climax the melody begins to diminish and we hear the clopping of hooves once more, with the Red Army cavalry passing off into the distance. If this sounds like movie music, you would be correct, for its origin was from Soviet propaganda films. Read full story

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Morgenstern Trio Triumphs!

On Friday evening November 10, the members of the Morgenstern Trio returned for the fourth time to perform for Chamber Music Monterey Bay at Sunset Center in Carmel. Every time we hear this ensemble we marvel once again at the refinement and artistic intensity of the individual players and the uncanny way they perform together in ensemble to create music that totally grabs us and holds us enthralled for the better part of two hours.

The members of the trio, pianist Catherine Klipfel, violinist Stefan Hempel and cellist Emanuel Wehse, are brilliant and accomplished musicians who started performing together during their conservatory days at Folkwang Universität der Kunste in Essen, Germany. The awards this ensemble has won in chamber music competitions is impressive and indicates that wherever they competed, their amazing gifts were instantly recognized. What was so impressive in their playing last night was the miraculous way the individual musicians listened so intently to each other, respected each others space, and always enhanced each others playing. This was ensemble playing at its best. Read full story

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David Hatt in Organ Recital at St Dunstans Church October 27, 2017

David Hatt presented an organ recital on October 27 at St Dunstans  Church This was such an interesting and very musical concert, with the organ starring, as it always does. It is a beautiful instrument both in sound and sight, and David Hatt masterfully presented so many of it’s colors. He played Baroque and modern pieces that evoked a great variety of dimensions in a presentation called “From Logic to Dreams.” In the logic part of the program we heard Buxtehude, J.S. Bach, and Max Reger, all played with splendid registrations. Read full story

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