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Santa Cruz Symphony: Resurrection


Mahler’s Apocalyptic Second Symphony performed by the Santa Cruz Symphony at the Mello Center for the Performing Arts Sunday May, 6 was a brilliantly executed performance that had a tremendous impact on members of the sold out audience. It is indeed impressive when a young conductor makes musical magic on the podium and transforms the vast ideas of a composer such as Gustav Mahler into unremitting musical intensity. To compound this intensity, once again Maestro Daniel Stewart conducted this masterpiece from memory! Read full story

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The Santa Cruz Symphony Celebration

Maestro Daniel Stewart unveiled a tour de force of virtuosity and artistry supported by the ever more distinguished Santa Cruz Symphony. Sunday’s concert at the Mello Center opened with Mozart’s delightful Overture to The Marriage of Figaro (1786), with the orchestra bringing joy and spontaneity to each phrase. This work was the first of two works by Mozart, both impeccably performed and thoroughly enjoyed by all! Read full story

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Santa Cruz Symphony Musicians — An Evening of Chamber Music at Samper Hall

Cellist Jonah Kim

On Sunday March 4 at Cabrillo College’s Samper Hall we were treated to an evening of intimate chamber music featuring Santa Cruz Symphony’s principal cellist Jonah Kim joining with other principal players and the Symphony’s Conductor Daniel Stewart. It is a given fact a Symphony Orchestra is as good as its musicians and this is the very reason the Santa Cruz Symphony’s Music Director Maestro Daniel Stewart has searched and found some of the very finest young talent available anywhere. This is precisely the main reason the Symphony performs works by Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler and Strauss, to name but a few, with such perfection and emotion. First cellist extraordinaire Jonah Kim, concertmaster extraordinaire, Nigel Armstrong, Maestro extraordinaire Stewart and guest collaborating pianist Elizabeth Dorman performed four works that will keep the sold out audience buzzing for weeks to come! To be sure, Ms. Dorman’s performance was equally extraordinaire! These are very deep musical talents with enormous artistic abilities brought forth in this concert. Read full story

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Steinway Society — Pianist Anna Fedorova at Trianon Theatre in San Jose

Anna Fedorova

An impressive sold out audience was in store for an evening of equally impressive piano virtuosity on Saturday, February 17, when Ukrainian pianist Anna Fedorova performed a superb concert of favorite and well-known works sponsored by Bay Area Steinway Society. Due to the capacity plus audience, the beginning of the concert was delayed 15 minutes, but no one seemed to mind. Fedorova has won her share of competitions and has performed in many of the world’s prestigious venues around the world. Now Trianon Theatre joins the list. Read full story

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Santa Cruz Symphony: Songs of Past, Present & Future

                        Soprano Soloist Michelle Bradley                           

Musically, the standards of the Santa Cruz Symphony have reached a strikingly high mark on January 28, as Music Director Daniel Stewart’s direct, beautifully balanced conducting continues to perform works of interest and introduce marvelous vocal talent. Case in point was found in the wonderful and impressive voice of soprano Michelle Bradley, who fills every role with finesse, awesome breath control and depth of performance.

The four songs and poets were Frühling (Spring) Hermann Hesse, September (September) Hermann Hesse, Beim Schlafengehen (Sleeping) Hermann Hesse and  Im Abendrot (In the Evening) Joseph von Eichendorff. Read full story

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