Third Coast Percussion at Herbst Theater

What an imaginative and extraordinary way to spend Wednesday night, April 3, in San Francisco. I had the privilege of attending a performance by Third Coast Percussion at Herbst Theater presented by San Francisco Performances.

Having recently released its newest album, ‘Perputulum’, Third Coast Percussion is, if they haven’t already, becoming a force to be reckoned with. ‘Perpetulum’ is a joint venture with Philip Glass, its latest commissioned composer. Glass has never before written for percussion alone, and TCP thought it was time. They premiered the West Coast performance of the piece written last year (2018) last Wednesday at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco to a very receptive, but not sold out crowd. In the spirit of musical convergence, Glass leaves the cadenza between the second and third movement mostly up to the performers. 

The most breathtaking part of watching this group perform is not only their agility but their togetherness in executing the rapid arpeggio passages on their instruments. For example, ‘Torched and Wrecked’ (2018) by its own David Skidmore, was an almost manic display of fury and sound. The piece supposedly got its name from a particularly memorable TCP touring experience! 

One other piece on the set list of note was ‘Perfectly Voiceless’ (2018), by Devanté Hynes, known in the popular music world as “Blood Orange.” He has worked with TCP previously and this new work is a special commissioned work by the Charles and Joan Gross Foundation.

Follow these four brilliant percussionists on Instagram: @thirdcoastpercussion.


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