Benjamin Grosvenor in Miami

Benjamin Grosvenor

On Tuesday March 5, 2019, Benjamin Grosvenor gave a remarkable recital
to a a very enthusiastic audience in Miami. Although still in his mid-twenties, Grosvenor has developed a large, enthusiastic following of sophicaticated pianophiles in Miami since his first recital at age 17. Grosvenor, who had met the late Ivan Davis when he first played in Miami, remarked that Davis had encouraged him to play more Schumann. As a tribute to Davis, Grosvenor played Schumann’s Blumenst├╝cke and Kreisleriana in the first half and ended the recital with Liszt’s Norma Paraphrase, for which Davis had made a legendary recording.

Unlike many pianists, Grovenor’s programs are fascinatingly balanced
with a wide range of repertoire. On this occasion, the program ranged
from the Schumann to a Janacek Sonata, excerpts from Prokofiev’s
Vision Fugitives and Liszt’s Norma Paraphrase.

The Kreisleriana in the first half of the recital was reminiscent of
an unforgetable Kreisleriana that Horowitz played at Carnegie
Hall in November 1968, while his stunning rendition of Liszt’s
Reminiscences de Norman was the most memorable since Davis over 30
years ago. The audience exploded with enthusiasm!


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